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    Andrea Foster posted to Time4Change
    An amazing evening last night at Cheshire East Hospice. Was a little nervous about the firewalk but after an amazing talk from Cliff felt like I could have flown to the moon of you’d have asked me to! It was amazing and recommend everyone does this! Thank you for helping me achieve this


    Liz Silvester posted to Time4Change
    A brilliant evening in Eastbourne last night. Never firewalked before and was a little nervous. After two hours listening to Cliff, the firewalk was a doddle, in fact, I think I could have done anything. Still feel like that today! Thank you, Cliff


    Jacky Mc Kevitt posted toTime4Change
    What a fantastic night at Raystede. Cliff, you are one amazing man, I never had any worries about doing this but anyone that did you would have made them feel fine. I want to do it all again, and take it all in a little more next time, it went so fast. Thank you for a fab night. ;0)


    Helen Pirie posted toTime4Change
    I feel quite humbled by the whole experience last night – such an incredible inner peace – the community spirit, the amazing organisation, the amount raised – just wonderful! Like I just said to Mia Sampietro … I expected empowerment, elation and a feeling of ‘if I can do this, I can do anything!’ What I didn’t expect was an amazing inner silence and the realisation that I had that strength in me all along. Thank you so much – the talk you gave along with the actual firewalking experience will stick with me!


    Sharren Elliott Posted to Time4Change
    In all honesty, I was probably dreading the training session a little bit more than the fire walk itself- I was so wrong! – The training session was one of the best experiences I have had – the whole night was unbelievable and I can’t recommend it enough as a “must do” if you ever get the opportunity – thank you for a fabulous night and experience! xx


    Carmel O’connor posted toTime4Change
    What amazing feeling after doing my firewalk..Thank you so much for all the training and giving me the opportunity to do it..must admit though I haven’t laughed so much in a long time during the training (all Good) Felt a little scared going in but came out so positive and was ready to walk on anything (What a brilliant man)
    Thank you Thank you.


    “Thanks Cliff for an amazing firewalking experience..highly recommended..the training was fantastic and fun and the walk itself was something that i’ll never forget!!” “I took part in a Firewalk for Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice today and absolutely loved it. The two hour motivational training session really fired everyone up, with lots of tips to help in every day life, not just to do a firewalk”


    “As a Psychologist I have seen many motivational speakers but felt the two hours with Cliff and his team was exceptional. The laughter was virtually non stop for two hours and I felt I could have walked on fire for the rest of the night. An excellent evening, I can’t recommend this highly enough.”


    “Cliff was inspirational when training a group of novices to fire walk. His motivational techniques were superb, and use of NLP skills in the non-corporate environment could just as easily been translated into the workplace. I shall certainly be recommending the activity to my company as a great growth exercise, and recommending Cliff as a towering force of positivity!”


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