• Glasswalking in the UK

    Four metres of smashed sterile wine bottle glass lie before you, the centrepiece of a glass walking event. You’re invited to walk across – could you?

    Glass walking isn’t just about beating fear
    Many of you will have heard the expression “walking on egg shells”, which is a metaphor to explain how an individual may feel in a temperamental or fragile relationship. Walking on glass is an exercise in challenging and developing the mind/body connection. It can prove to be a rewarding and unforgettable experience in your journey to a greater understanding of how to breakdown sub conscious and deep routed fears we carry around with us.

    No one wakes up in the morning thinking—“I am going to walk barefoot on a pile of broken glass today to develop the mind/body connection.” It is something we are introduced to, taught how to accomplish and encouraged to achieve this unusual feat to expand our preconceived perceptions of what we can or cannot accomplish.

    Anyone can walk safely across broken glass with the correct guidance. It is not merely enough to know how it is done, just like anything else in life, knowing is one thing and doing another! Glasswalking is all about overcoming the fear that is preventing you from taking the all important first step. This is the same fear that prevents people from having all they desire and being all they can be. Walking across broken glass leaves you with an understanding that you are truly capable of anything and that the only thing that makes anything impossible is that if you believe it is.

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