• Firewalking in the UK

    A firewalk is the most inspirational journey you will ever undertake. It is as the name suggests: a bare foot walk over red-hot wood embers measuring around 800 degrees. No tricks, no special effects. Just you and the fire.

    It’s tempting to look at firewalking and explain it with physics. But that’s not enough to dispel the primal fear caused by the feeling of intense heat on your face at the edge of the fire lane. Fear is at the centre of the experience, the fear you feel on the brink of a fire walk is incredible – all of your survival instincts are telling you to stay put. Stay where it’s safe. Don’t take the risk.


    Sound familiar?

    The decision to walk across the coals is dramatically life changing. Not because you have decided to firewalk in itself, but because you have consciously decided not to let your fear inhibit your actions. Once you take the power away from fear, there is really nothing stopping you. After all if you can walk safely across hot coals what else is possible?

    Raising money for charity
    Time4Change has helped charities to raise thousands of pounds – find out why running a charity firewalk is a great way to raise money for your charity.

    We are fully insured and carry both professional indemnity and public liability insurance up to five million pounds. Unlike most firewalking providers who have either no insurance or insurance which only covers “fire performance”; our cover actually mentions firewalking explicitly.

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