• About T4C

    We base our workshops on the simple fact that human beings learn best through metaphor, play, experience and experiment. Despite this, the vast majority of corporate training and therapeutic intervention still takes place in the ‘classroom’ or on the ‘couch’, just as most fundraising is simply ‘fun’ or ‘extreme’ and devoid of learning.

    However clients use our templates, be it as part of our corporate training package, fundraising exercise on a sponsored template or as part of a therapeutic setting, that individual will be one step closer to becoming the person she or he is truly capable of being.

    Our clients are as diverse as our approach and include such large corporations as: John Lewis Partnership, Remington, Boots, Cable and Wireless, Michelin, Watford FC, Colchester United and Blackburn Rovers.

    …leading charities such as Rainbow Trust, Cats Protection, RNLI and the Samaritans

    …as well as forging links with the numerous organisations such as the NHS, AddAction, Royal Society for the Blind and countless Hospices across the country who repeat book us annually and regularly achieve above £10,000 per event in much needed financial support. Our best fundraising total to date was over £50,000.00 profit in a single evening for The Rainbow Trust.
    We ourselves could have simply based our credibility on the fact the founder of T4C, Cliff Mann, has spent the last three decades guiding literally thousands of people from all walks of life over hot coals and as a consequence of this is recognised as the most experienced firewalking instructor in the UK. For T4C however, this was simply the starting point as we believe excellence in one area of firewalking should be repeated in all areas of the service and support we offer.

    This is why hospice fundraisers are increasingly choosing T4C as their firewalking provider of choice.

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